2011-10-27 / Letters to the Editor

‘Flawless’ reporting, but wrong last name

As a long time reader of the Press, I am always impressed by your coverage of official meetings and social events. It is only made possible through the dedication of your reporters who give up their own time to sit through meetings, which would bore most of us to tears.

Kathleen McKeirnan sat through the Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority toll hearing and wrote a comprehensive article about it. She even paraphrased me in my remarks to the RITBA representatives and the audience. I know it was me, even if she attributed the remarks to Kevin Carti. How did I know it was me and not this person named Kevin Carti? Last week, the Providence Journal reported on the meeting and cited me as the source of similar remarks. When the Jamestown Record released their video recording of the meeting, there I was at the microphone repeating the same remarks.

It is a standing joke among my friends that I always spell my name for any public record because since I moved from the Boston area many years ago, it sometimes changes from being an Irish name to one that may be construed as Italian. Since I grew up in an Irish-Italian neighborhood, I know the difference.

I spelled it for the meeting stenographer not once, but twice. Alas, as I feared, my ethnicity was compromised in the article. I don’t blame Ms. McKeirnan since the meeting moderator commented on my foreign (to Rhode Island ears) Boston accent. The funny thing, is I am fairly well known in the community, my name having appeared at various times in the Press, but apparently not to Ms. McKeirnan.

All and all, she did well with flawless reporting of the thoughts of well-known Jamestowner Arlene Petit and others.

Kevin Carty

Pemberton Avenue


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