2011-11-03 / Island History

This Week In Island History

Compiled by Sue Maden Week of November 3

The news of 10 and 15 years ago is from the
Jamestown Press. The news of 100 years ago came from the
collection of the Newport Historical Society.

100 years ago
From the Newport Journal, Nov. 3, 1911
Three duck hunters came to grief early Thursday evening.
Messrs Jesse C. Tefft and Rudolph Schade and Captain Ruben Garlick visited Sheffield pond in pursuit of the ducks. Mr.
Schade shot one duck and endeavoring to recover it stepped in
quicksand and was soon floundering up to his waist.
Mr. Tefft started in a skiff to render assistance, but the tide
was falling and he became marooned on a mud flat. After two
hours delay, Captain Garlick formed a relief party of one and

rendered assistance, soon extricating Mr. Schade from his perilous position. The two then lent aid to Mr. Tefft and after some
hours brought him safely off land. The three returned home in
the small hours of the morning, sadder but wiser sportsmen.
The clubhouse on Shoreby Hill is in its new location, where
it will be altered and enlarged to make the new casino.
The flags on the ferryboats are at half-mast in honor of Ida
Cedar boughs are being carted across the ferries from Narragansett to Newport to be used for winter protection for tender
plants and flowers on summer estates.
75 years ago
From the Newport Daily News, Nov. 2, 1936
[At the Town Council meeting] it was voted that the deed
from the Casino Land Company conveying to the town all its
interests to any part of that land bordering on Narragansett Bay
be received with thanks.
From the Newport Daily News, Nov. 3, 1936
A large number of pupils of the Thomas H. Clarke school
held a Halloween party at the school Saturday evening, many
being attired in appropriate costumes. The auditorium was dec-

orated with cornstalks, black cats
and other novelties, and a real live
witch stalked about the hall. A ghost
story was told by Miss Clara Lewis
of the teaching faculty, and games
were played, bobbing for apples being the most popular one. Music for
dancing was furnished by the teachers. From the Newport Daily News,
Nov. 4, 1936
The largest vote in its history was
recorded in Jamestown where 916
out of 1,200 went to the polls, and
more than 100 voters awaiting James
R. Masterson, moderator, when
he opened the polls at 10 o’clock.
(Roosevelt received 357 votes for
president; Landon, 517; Aiken, 3;
Lemke, 17; and Bishop, 3.)
50 years ago
From the Newport Daily News,
Nov. 1, 1961
The annual Halloween party for

Jamestown children from 12 years
old and under was sponsored by the
Jamestown Lions and Rotary Clubs
at the recreation center last night.
Prizes were given for costumes in
various categories.
25 years ago
From the Newport Daily News,
Nov. 4, 1986
The Town Council voted Monday
to schedule a special Financial Town
Meeting Dec. 8 to consider buying
the Jamestown Country Club for
$2.1 million. (The price includes the
club restaurant and lounge and all
(Photo caption) Jamestown architect William Burgin recently won a
national award for restoration work
on old Providence Journal-Bulletin
building in downtown Providence.

15 years ago
From the Jamestown Press,
October 31, 1996
An amendment to town laws that
allows senior citizens with limited
incomes to defer payment on up to
60 percent of their property taxes
was adopted by the Town Council
Monday night. Council members
voted unanimously in favor of the
new tax relief program after a nearly hour-long public hearing.
The Town Council Monday voted
to name the cross-island expressway
the John C. Eldred Parkway, after the
local Revolutionary War hero who is
famous for firing a single canon at
British ships in the East Passage of
Narragansett Bay.

10 years ago
From the Jamestown Press,
Nov. 1, 2001
With just a couple of hurdles to
go to get $450,000 in federal funds,
Jamestown is almost assured of an
increased water supply in coming
years. The U.S. Senate last week approved a request by Sen. Jack Reed
for $450,000 for the installation of a
pipeline to alleviate water shortage
problems on the island.
The Town Buildings and Facilities
Committee last week reduced its list
of possible new highway barn sites
to four: the sewage treatment plant
at Taylor Point, the town offices at
44 Southwest Ave., Fort Wetherill
Hill, which is west of the existing
highway barn, and the property adjacent to the town transfer station,
Lot 47.
Energized by expectations of
sell-out audiences and a history of
locally acclaimed productions, the
Jamestown Community Theatre is
set to open the season’s production
of “Peter Pan” tomorrow at 7:30 at
the community center.
At the Oct. 25 meeting of the
Charter Review Committee it was
determined that the panel could not
make any changes to the annual Financial Town Meeting because the
meeting was started by a 1910 state
law and pre-dated the 1975 town
More than 200 runners and walkers – 86 from Jamestown – participated in last Sunday’s 13th Jack O’
Lantern Jog.

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