2011-11-03 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks to hundreds who help with farm

With Thanksgiving approaching, the construction of the barn now complete, and this year’s harvest distributed, the Jamestown Community Farm would like to extend sincere thanks to all of those in the community who helped make the year such a success.

Starting with the 225 Jamestowners who responded to our appeal for support last fall, continuing into the spring with the island contractors who milled the lumber, planned and then erected the barn over the summer, and then with the Jamestown Chamber of Commerce’s fabulous Night on the Farm event which provided the fi- nal funds for completion, the construction of the barn was a testament to the generosity of the Jamestown community.

Add to this the yearly efforts of the volunteers who seed, weed, harvest and distribute (as well as tend to the bees, balance the books, mind the farm stand, fix the hydraulics, etc.), and this year’s success can be attributed to the collective efforts of more than 400 Jamestowners.

The farm is one shining gem in Jamestown among many, but with the completion of the barn we feel it is a particularly shiny one this year, and we thank you all.

Eric Archer


Jamestown Community

Farm Inc.

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