2011-11-10 / Editorial

Scattering Seeds

BY JOHN A. MURPHY jamurphy@jamestownlawyer.com

This column is being written before the Jamestown school committee election of Tuesday, November 8. Based upon each candidate’s performance in the debate sponsored by the Shores Association, it is clear that no matter which two are elected, our school committee will be comprised entirely of thoughtful, well-qualified, and public-spirited citizens. We are indeed fortunate to have neighbors who are willing to take on such a substantial workload, efforts for which there is always very little thanks.

The Jamestown schools have been successful because we citizens have been willing to pay for excellence. This willingness is premised upon not only the desire to provide a first class education for the students in our Town’s schools, but also upon the commitment by the administration and faculty to operate those schools in an efficient manner. A strong and varied instruction program is provided to students. And most citizens believe that we get good value for tax dollars spent on education.

The principal issues that the school committee confronts involve money. Let’s hope that the philosophy that made our school system strong will continue.

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