2011-11-10 / Letters to the Editor

Family appreciates islanders’ kindness

My brother, Kenny Prior, and his friend and co-worker Kathy Meunier were both killed in a car accident on the Newport Bridge on Oct. 21. Kathy was doing a good deed. She was driving Kenny home from his job at the Navy Commissary.

On behalf of my mother Marjorie, my sister Kathy, who was Kenny’s twin, and my entire family, I want to thank the people of Jamestown for their kindness during this difficult time.

Kenny was a very special person and he lived his entire life in a very special place – Jamestown. Kenny knew and loved this town and all of you, who knew him well. My family appreciates all your kindness to Kenny over the many years.

Kenny reminded us every day that we are all connected and dependent upon one another. We all have special needs.

Kenny was a member of St. Mark Church and a client of the Maher Center and Bridges. He lived a full and good life in Jamestown because of his own determination and special gifts and because of your special kindness.

Please remember Kenny, his friend Kathy, and all of the families affected by this terrible tragedy.

Hugh David Prior

Huntingdon Valley,


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