2011-11-17 / Letters to the Editor

Empty Bowls 2011 was ‘a great success’

We’d like to gratefully acknowledge everyone who was involved in making Empty Bowls 2011 such a great success. Many thanks go to Kathy Almanzor, Stephanie Pamula, Will Kitts and Tim Vietri at the school; Rhumbline, Kelly Cowan, Panera Bread and the Bay Voyage for the delicious food; James Montminy Danna for the great music; Julia Montminy, Aileen Flath and Lisa Primiano for helping out at the event; and all of the students who did a great job serving food, washing dishes and cleaning up, and making the fabulous ceramic bowls.

Proceeds from Empty Bowls go to the R.I. Community Food Bank and the Jamestown Food Closet. We are most grateful to all who attended this event in support of the food banks whose staff quietly and steadfastly support those in need during a very difficult economic time.

Sherry Italiano


Empty Bowls 2011

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