2011-11-24 / Editorial

A day of Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a time to gather together with our family and friends and share a traditional feast. The holiday is considered one of our nation’s most traveled, as people journey many miles to be with their loved ones.

Our nation’s first Thanksgiving was held in what is now Plymouth, Mass., just a few miles up the road. In 1621 a rag tag band of Pilgrims celebrated their first harvest in this strange new land. Their courage provided the foundation of our nation.

Over the years the Thanksgiving celebrations have evolved but they retain the same meaning. It is a time for us to be thankful and to share with others. Of course the holiday has also taken on a commercial flair as it signals the start of the Christmas shopping season.

This year, take a few moments from the football games and pre-Christmas bustle to reflect upon the past year. What do you have to be thankful for?

The staff at the Jamestown Press wishes all of our readers and advertisers a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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