2011-11-24 / Letters to the Editor

‘Wizard of Oz’ was ‘perfectly delightful’

I am far beyond the age of those for whom “The Wizard of Oz” is intended. Fortunately that did not deter me from attending the Nov. 19 performance.

It was outstanding in every way: the acting, the singing, the music, the set, the costumes, the choreography, the lighting and the sound effects.

Just contemplating the number of people involved on and off stage boggles the mind.

Congratulations to each and every one in addition to a heartfelt thank you for a perfectly delightful evening.

We who live in Jamestown are most fortunate that Mary Wright and Patti Vandal met on a train ride that resulted in the birth of the Jamestown Community Theatre.

Martha Milot

Walnut Street


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