2011-11-24 / News

Phone solicitors have no connection to JPD

The Jamestown Police Department has received several calls from residents reporting that they have received calls from individuals claiming to be from the Jamestown Officer’s Association or the Jamestown Juvenile Officer’s Association.

These subjects claim they are soliciting donations from Jamestown residents to support programs for at-risk juveniles. Neither the Jamestown Police Department nor the International Brotherhood of Police Officers Jamestown Local 305 are currently soliciting donations for any purpose. The subjects soliciting donations claim to be with the Rhode Island Juvenile Officer’s Association. The Jamestown Police Department is currently investigating whether this is a legitimate organization. Neither the Jamestown Police nor IBPO Local 305 have any affiliation with this organization. There is no such organization called the Jamestown Officer’s Association.

Occasionally, the union representing the Jamestown Police offi cers, IBPO Local 305, and the Jamestown Police Officer’s Benevolent Association may hold fundraisers. These fundraisers will be announced in the Jamestown Press prior to any type of soliciting that may take place. Residents who receive phone calls from individuals soliciting donations may call the police station at 423-1212 to confirm whether it is a legitimate fundraiser or not.

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