2011-12-01 / Letters to the Editor

Approve Bridges’ plan for affordable housing

I would like to respond to Kathleen McKiernan’s article on Bridges Inc.’s affordable housing proposal that appeared in a recent issue of the Jamestown Press (“Residents speak up against affordable housing project,” Nov. 23).

There were several residents quoted in the article that were critical of the affordable housing project and the associated potential risks. As a Jamestown resident and parent of a young man with a developmental disability, I attended the public hearing on Nov. 16 and spoke up to voice my support for what Bridges is doing for adults with developmental disabilities on the island.

Next September, my son will be eligible for adult services in Rhode Island. I would hope that my son could someday afford to live and work in this island community. With regard to Bridges’ noble venture of expansion, yes there is always some risk involved. Based on Bridges’ 25-year relationship with the town, I think its commitment and unique contribution to the island has been better than many businesses that have since come and gone.

I believe that the character of Jamestown comes from the people who live and work amidst the beauty of its surroundings. There is another risk that I think should be considered. It is a risk that Jamestown could lose a population of adults who could contribute to the fabric of that character that has made our community the envy of many in our state. I hope that this project succeeds not because it is another step in satisfying the state mandate for affordable housing, but because it is an opportunity for adults like my son to have the right to belong and live in his hometown community.

Kristina Sularz

18 Top O The Mark Drive


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