2011-12-01 / Letters to the Editor

‘Vital component’ left out of article on clerks

Although the article about the town clerk’s office was very appreciated (“How Jamestown works: The three women in the clerk’s office,” Nov. 17), it unfortunately left out a vital component. The third member of our team is Heather Lopes. Although her dad was in the military, she spent most of her life in North Kingstown and Jamestown so she is familiar with many of our customers. Currently she is going to school full time, working full time and raising a busy family.

She has handled every aspect of the clerk’s office, but her main duties are all dog, event and liquor licensing; land evidence; town committees; probate; vitals, which include issuing certified copies of marriage, birth and death certifi cates; helping the public at the counter and fielding telephone questions. As you can see we are a vital and busy office with all three positions contributing to our success.

Karen Montoya

Deputy Town Clerk


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