2011-12-01 / News of Record


Humane Society picks photo contest winners

The Humane Society of Jamestown recently announced it photo contest winners. They are Ziva on the front page; Valkyrie and Peanut in January; Bette, Sprout, Cadbury and Switch in February; Coco Boy and Dalai in March; Mother Robin and Dandelion in April; Apple Jack and Aja in May; Dale, Gallagher, Clancy and Gracie in June; Brady, Sooki and Toki in July; T-Bone and Max in August; Toby and Cuda in September; Abby M. and Ollie in October; Pele and Duncan in November; and Ellie W. and Ellie D. in December.

The runner-up photographs were Cricket and Loki in January; Java, Cuda, Isla, Luca and Coco in February; Maggie C. and Baby Chick in March; Khampa Dorji, Foxy, Ellie W. and Rocky in April; Dale and Lightning in May; Summer, Halloween, Smokee and Hogan in June; Apple Jack, Abby M. and Anita in July; Nike, Thunder and Brittany in August; Tulip, Frittye, Ellie D., Jade, Galadriel, Bear and Abby B. in September; Zeus, Sophie, Grace and Java in October; Mia, Tiggie, Pixie, Clancy and Gallagher in November; and Tango, Ziva, Maggie Mae, Bear, Shylo, Abby B., Clown and Max in December.

One the back page are Shylo, Peanut, Summer, Roxie, Murph, Rufus, Jake, Maggie Mae, Isla, Cuda, Smokee, Aja, Lupe, Myla, Sasha, Guenevere, Monty, Buddy W., Pixie, Max, Buddy B., Dalai, Clancy, Gallagher, Jack, Metoo and Buddy N.

All of these pets will be featured in the 2012 Humane Society of Jamestown calendar. The calendar will be on sale Saturday, Dec. 3, at the craft fair at Melrose Avenue School.

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