2011-12-08 / Letters to the Editor

Town Christmas tree is ‘beautiful,’ not ugly

I took a walk before sunrise this morning, and when I came down the hill looking at the harbor I noticed how beautiful the tree looked with its lights shining for those of us up in the predawn hours.

The vision took me back to how often in the last week I had heard the word “ugly” used to describe it. I got to thinking that perhaps this tree speaks more loudly about the spirit of this season than any other tree we have had.

First, one side of the tree was barren due in part to the fact that it shared its space with a hickory tree – two trees of different species living side by side, compromising so that each could grow.

Second, despite the outward appearance being “less than perfect,” it does indeed help us to remember that in this season we celebrate light before heading into the darkness of winter.

And last but not least, no matter what the tree looked like, there were a lot of us who came together on Saturday to hear music and see the lighting of the tree. There was laughter, applause and a real sense of community.

So I for one believe this tree to be beautiful. It shows us that we can live together despite our differences, that it is our light that is more beautiful than what we look like, and that it is the coming together of community that is far more important than the perfection of our branches.

Joyce Hooley Bartlett

Columbia Avenue


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