2011-12-29 / Editorial

Scattering Seeds


Divided government has not worked. At a time when our country needs all the help and guidance available, the President has been handcuffed by powerful legislative leaders for whom the abiding objective is to see him fail. Given the intransigence of a contrarian legislature, it is inaccurate to say that the President’s economic policies have failed, when they have not been fully and fairly tested.

Objective observers conclude that the gamesmanship is creating a looming disaster for our country.

Polls show that the a large number of Americans are disgusted with the performance of our national legislature. Yet, voters (and non-voters) have only themselves to blame for Congressional dysfunction, given the inflexible and doctrinaire positions openly campaigned upon by newcomers swept into office in the elections of 2010. The consequences of giving ideologues immense power were predictable.

And now we must deal with those consequences. We are now risking financial collapse. For many Americans and some municipalities this condition has already arrived. Bold action is required. Our leaders must create programs to put able-bodied Americans to work immediately rebuilding our country’s infrastructure. We need to break the cycle of negativity currently crippling the real estate sector of the economy. We need programs that will effectively and directly enable middle-income Americans to refinance their home mortgage, and buy or sell a home. We need to deliver a superior education to all children. For young adults, we can link educational opportunities to a program of national service, and gain the benefit for our country and the world of all that youthful talent and energy.

We court catastrophe if we fail to act now decisively, with vision, creativity, and confidence in our strength as a nation. Confidence in our people. The cost of these programs is nothing more than a necessary investment in our future. Fail to invest and we fail. If we invest wisely, the cost will, in hindsight, seem trivial indeed.

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