2012-01-12 / Editorial

Scattering Seeds

BY JOHN A. MURPHY jamurphy@jamestownlawyer.com

Yes, Jamestown has greatly changed, and continues to change. The simple fishing and farmstead community that existed for more than 200 years is long gone. The sleepy summer colony that dominated life here from 1890 to 1970 is also gone. Those oft-recalled eras have been supplanted by a vibrant village, hinterlands that provide for nearly 6,000 of us a great place to live and raise a family, and a local economy based in significant part upon water-oriented recreation.

Despite the changes, we still have all around us pristine reminders of Jamestown’s past. The protection and nurture of these places, structures, and views has required enormous effort. Those who live on or visit this lovely island should be eternally grateful to those who undertook this effort. These community-minded individuals are benefactors of us all, thoughtful citizens whose generosity, whether in time or property, often has constituted a profound personal sacrifice.

We must be vigilant that remaining examples of Jamestown’s past receive the protection they deserve. Whenever we are able to assist in the protection of a historic property, open space, or a beautiful view, we should act in timely and decisive fashion. Such an act may very well be our most important accomplishment in life.

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