2012-01-19 / Letters to the Editor

Town Council should abandon turbine plan

Dear Councilman Bowen:

In September 2010 I wrote about the good news of “The FAA letter rejecting the Taylor Point wind turbine location – and a blessing which could save Jamestown hundreds of thousands of dollars; only, if you abandon the project.”

Seven months later in April 2011, Town Administrator Bruce Keiser said Jamestown’s “consultant has an indication from the FAA that they will approve the original requested height.”

Today, after nine more months and no official news:

• Where does Jamestown stand with the FAA?

• Does Jamestown have an economic evaluation of a short, 205- foot wind turbine?

• How much in studies and consultants has Jamestown paid in the past four years?

• Do you have planning strategy and/or a “go/no-go” plan?

You have experienced years of surprises and complications; the taxpayers have and are paying for your efforts to involve the Jamestown taxpayers in a complex and risky enterprise; and losses to date will be dwarfed by the amount of money we can lose in the actual building and operation of a wind turbine.

Please consider abandoning this project now and cut our losses.

Nicholas Schaus

Walcott Avenue


The above letter was addressed to the Town Council and Vice President Bob Bowen on Jan. 16 and copied to the Jamestown Press.

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