2012-01-19 / News

Jamestown Senior Center menu

11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on weekdays. Suggested donation is $3.

Thursday, Jan. 19

Vegetable rice soup, hot dog on bun, baked beans, corn, peaches, salami and cheese on Italian bread

Friday, Jan. 20 White clam chowder, potato-crunch pollock with tartar sauce, french fries, coleslaw, mandarin oranges, meatball grinder

Monday, Jan. 23

Chicken escarole soup, Italian sausage and pepper grinder, country trio, fruit cocktail, ham and cheese on wheat bread

Tuesday, Jan 24

Vegetable noodle soup, Montreal chicken, whipped potatoes, broccoli, apple, fish sandwich on a bun with tartar sauce

Wednesday, Jan. 25 Split pea soup, meatloaf with gravy, whipped potatoes, peas, cookie, turkey and cheese on wheat bread

Thursday, Jan. 26

Beef barley soup, chicken cordon bleu with gravy, rice Florentine, three-bean salad, applesauce, cheeseburger on a bun

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