2012-02-02 / News

Newport Grand will host bartending competition

The Newport Winter Festival will include a Smackdown Cocktail Competition on Feb. 22 at 8:30 p.m. at the Newport Grand Slots Event Center. Admission is free.

The competition is open to all bartenders. All competitors will compete in two speed rounds of 10 minutes each. The first round will use Nolet’s dry gin as the base ingredient, and the second round will use Ketel One vodka. Prior to each round a mystery ingredient will be introduced that must be used in the cocktail.

All competitors will have equal access to various glassware, mixers, fresh fruit and spirits. First place is $500, second $250 and third $100. Bartenders will be judged on balance, simplicity, presentation, aroma, taste, originality, delivery and name of their cocktails.

For more information, call David Rollin at 849-5000.

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