2012-02-09 / Letters to the Editor

Earth not warming, wind turbine ‘bad idea’

Recent articles in the Press have featured numerous factual errors about climate change and omitted important facts about the proposed wind turbine.

• Statement: The earth is warming. Fact: The official measurement of global temperature has not increased in 10 years.

• Statement: Carbon dioxide is pollution. Fact: Atmospheric carbon dioxide is fundamental to life on earth. Plants breathe carbon dioxide and without atmospheric carbon dioxide all life would cease.

• Statement: Global warming is increasing the frequency of storms as evidenced by Hurricane Irene. Fact: Irene was a tropical storm in Rhode Island. Observed hurricane frequency in the state was four hurricanes from 1900 to 1955 and four hurricanes from 1956 to 2011. The severe hurricanes of 1938 and 1954 occurred in the earlier period.

• Statement: Sea levels will rise by one foot 100 years from now. Fact: The range of sea levels to anticipate using the governmenttrend model shows that sea levels may be higher or lower than the current level at every forecast horizon.

• Fact: Universities and corporations have a vested interest in promoting an alarmist view of climate change as they lobby for research grants and seek to sell products such as wind turbines.

• Fact: In Jamestown we are being asked to accept the issuance of debt in order to finance a wind turbine.

• Fact: This venture is likely to result in financial losses to the town, and, in turn, even higher property taxes.

• Fact: The company promoting this venture and seeking to profit from it, Endless Energy, refuses to guarantee that the project will not result in losses to the town or generate sufficient returns to retire the related debt.

• Fact: The town is already facing severe financial pressure with property taxes already set to rise to cover the cost of pensions and retiree health benefits.

Conclusion: The wind turbine a bad idea.

John Aquino

Seaside Drive


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