2012-02-09 / Letters to the Editor

Speed limit on North Main Road not enforced

Dear Mr. Bruce Keiser:

I really like living on Jamestown. A beautiful place, it has a wonderful population, friendly and helpful. The town employees are surprisingly pleasant.

At the same time, from my house at 865 North Main Road, I can see some room for improvement. While some work was done on the road north of Route 138 for the Columbus Day bike race last year, much needs to be done.

Three times in the last two months, as I have been ready to exit our common drive, I have been met by speeding northbound vehicles in the middle or in the southbound lane. While it may be a well-kept secret that the speed limit on North Main Road from Route 138 north is 25 mph all the way past the transfer station (that also means the limit is 25 mph south to just before the entrance ramp to Route 138), if it is not enforced, it has no effective signifi- cance.

I, therefore, have three serious requests of the town administrator, the chief of police and the Town Council. First, the painting of a double yellow line (like that on East Shore Road) would help and require drivers to remain on their side of the road. Second, the posting of signs showing the speed limit on the west side of North Main Road after the Capstan, Sloop and Frigate street intersections might slow the southbound traffic some. The real necessity, though, is beefed up police patrolling from 6 to 8:30 a.m., and 4:30 to 6 p.m. If need be, the change of shifts for the police could be staggered.

I should imagine that effective and increased policing would add to the town’s funds, paying for itself over time.

Richard J. Murphy

North Main Road


The above letter was addressed to Town Administrator Bruce Keiser on Feb. 3 and copied to the Jamestown Press.

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