2012-03-01 / Letters to the Editor

Fort Getty will be on council’s next agenda

Fort Getty returns to the Town Council’s agenda on Monday, March 5, with the report on the economics of the park by Landworks Collaborative, the consultant hired by the town for this purpo se. The report will presumably analyze the current income and expenses of the park, as well as the financial implications of possible options. These options include:

• Maintaining the RV campground at its current size, factoring in the costs of any necessary upgrades.

• Reducing the number of RVs, possibly reconfiguring the RV campground and the costs associated with those changes.

• Eliminating the RV park, restoring the land to open space or more passive recreation park.

• The expansion or reconfiguration of existing uses and the introduction of new uses in conjunction with each of the above.

Included in all of these are the supports (bathrooms, parking areas) necessary to make each option work.

Landworks’ report should be available to the public via the Town Council’s online agenda at jamestownri.net by Friday, March 2.

Clear financial information is required to make good choices about Fort Getty’s future. That’s why it was the first request in the petition about Fort Getty, signed by 475 Jamestown residents just before Christmas. The group of us who wrote that petition – Betty Hubbard, Elizabeth Delude-Dix, Jemma Craig, Ken Newman and Tom Chiginsky – have been busy since, planning a variety of workshops and presentations relevant to the park. It is our mission to provide as much information and inspiration as we can, creating a community-wide dialogue about Fort Getty that is both creative and deliberate, and will help the Town Council in its planning of this incredible place.

Clear financial information is only the first step and should prompt more questions, ideas and conversation. If you’re interested in Fort Getty and Landworks’ analysis, we urge you to attend the Town Council meeting at 7 p.m. on Monday. If you would like us to keep you informed about Fort Getty and participate in the dialogue, please send an email to Up dateMe@FortGettyChoices.com.

Derek Hansen and

Mary Meagher


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