2012-03-01 / Letters to the Editor

Police presence on bay would be a good thing

Are you kidding me? I do not know about you but I would rather be over tested and alive than under tested and dead. Drunk driving and speeding kill innocent people, on land and on the sea.

It is about time we try to manage the obscene amount of drinking that occurs on the bay. Whether it is drunk kids tooling around, drunk adults showing off their big motors, or cruise ship captains running aground, it needs to be stopped. If I have to sacrifice some personal rights and time being randomly tested I am all for it.

The safest roads in New York are the ones where everyone knows the police stand at the tolls and pull people over. All the drunks take other roads. The rest of us go out of our way to travel those roads because we know they are safer. If they want to set up a roadblock on North Road for one month it would become the safest road in Rhode Island for years to come. A little extreme but you understand the point especially if our children are going to use it as a bike route.

I for one say it is about time we had a police presence on the bay. Their job, after all, is to “serve and protect.”

Jerrold Rosenberg
Highland Drive

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