2012-03-01 / Letters to the Editor

Ships have sunk in Jamestown waters

The Feb. 16 Press article about the marine archeological project and the British ships sitting on the bottom across the bay is most interesting (“Sunken British ships are focus of Newport archaeology project”).

The article implies there are no known shipwrecks identifi ed in Jamestown waters. While the statement is most likely true there are no physical remains of wrecks, there were in fact over the years a significant number of vessels sunk, founded or involved in collisions in waters surrounding Jamestown.

Since 2009, the Beavertail Lighthouse Museum Association (BLMA) through its marine historian James Jenney has undertaken an ambitious project to document every marine disaster in Rhode Island waters. An estimated 2,600 recorded events are being collated with detailed references in a retrievable database for future use by visitors and researchers to the BLMA museum. The database includes individual vessel particulars including type and use of vessel, a photograph or image, physical dimensions, when and where built, home port, owner, crew and cargo information, date and cause of the event, along with a chartlet showing the location of the disaster.

To date over 850 individual vessel incidents have been documented including 128 vessels in Jamestown waters.

Varoujan Karentz
Clarke’s Village Lane

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