2012-03-01 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks to everyone who helped find dog

We would like to thank the entire Jamestown community for pitching in and helping to locate our dog, Ceili. She was lost for more than a day and was eventually found in good shape in a bunker at Fort Getty.

Requests for help in the search were met with an amazing response – friends, neighbors and people we had never even met circled the roads, combed the woods and fields, and spread the word. The assistance was very touching, greatly needed, and much appreciated.

While the number of people who joined in the search are too many to name, we are especially thankful for the above-and-beyond help of Cathy and John Gregory, Terri Page, Barbara Szepatowski, Tori Hellewell and Pio Moretti of Island Animal, and LuAnn Botelho.

Thank you also to the Jamestown Police, the many island businesses that allowed us to put up flyers, and the Jamestown Press for the printing help.

We feel very lucky to live in such an extraordinary community!

Maureen Coleman,
Tom Harris and Ceili
East Shore Road

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