2012-03-01 / News

Pianist comes to Jamestown March 11

Celebrated Russian-born pianist Constantine Finehouse returns to the island on Sunday, March 11, to perform on the community’s 7-foot Schimmel grand piano at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church. The recital, sponsored by the Jamestown Community Piano Association, begins at 2 p.m.

The recital features two masterworks of Romantic literature, Robert Schumann’s “Fantasie” in C major, inspired by the composer’s nostalgia for his beloved Clara from whom he was separated at the time, and Franz Liszt’s piano sonata in B minor, understood by some scholars to be a musical depiction of the legend of Faust. The “Fantasie” bears a dedication to Liszt, whose sonata is in turn dedicated to Schumann.

Ironically, the three movements of Schumann’s “Fantasie” are written in clearly distinguishable sonata form while Liszt’s sonata is a rhapsodic, free-wheeling extended one-movement composition much more reminiscent of a fantasy than a sonata. The program will begin with Wolfgang A. Mozart’s “Fantasie” in D minor, an 18th century prototype of the fantasy genre.

Finehouse trained at the New England Conservatory, Juilliard and Yale. He has performed extensively in the United States and abroad. In 2011 he stepped forward on one day’s notice to fill in for the featured pianist at the association’s March concert, playing Beethoven’s sonata in F major as well as shorter pieces by 19th century Romantic composers.

The concert is free and open to the public, but the association does accept donations for piano maintenance and performance support.

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