2012-03-15 / Letters to the Editor

All we need from consultant is numbers

The Jamestown Press has stated that Mr. Harley Lee was chosen by the Town Council to conduct studies of “cost and profitability of a wind turbine.” If this is so, why are we only getting from him weekly articles selling the turbine, regardless of the cost and profitability?

The council owes the taxpayers an explanation about the mission given to this consultant. Was it to sell us the project or to report objectively on the mission stated above? This obvious pro-turb ine bias raises the question as to his intended motives. How about giving us just the facts for a change?

All we need to know from him is very simple: The yearly payout by Jamestown of the total costs, including principal, interest and maintenance. Then the projected output or revenue of the production. Two numbers! Of course, this projected revenue must be real, not fantasy.

Ed Sierra
Decatur Avenue

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