2012-03-15 / Letters to the Editor

Pemberton Place gardeners get surprise

Three years ago I petitioned the Jamestown Housing Authority for a small bit of land to grow vegetables for the elderly and disabled at Pemberton Place. They granted us a very nice, sun-filled spot and we have been growing vegetables successfully for these three years. With the price of food rising on a regular basis, having our own source of fresh produce has been wonderful.

Last week I received an unexpected gift for the garden and I am overwhelmed. Unbeknownst to me, our little garden was nominated for a wonderful program at the Central Baptist Church called “Seeds for Hope” by Karen Murray, whose family are members of the church, and whose daughter, Teresa, is my neighbor.

We were granted a $50 gift from the church, which was then matched by David Urban, owner of The Secret Garden, for a total of $100.

Thanks to this gift we will be able to buy healthy plants and soil and fertilizer for this year’s crops. I would like to publicly thank the Central Baptist Church, Karen Murray and David Urban for this wonderful gift. May Creator bless all of you for your thoughtful kindness.

If there is anyone out there who has a large plastic children’s wagon that they wish to be rid of, we would be happy to take it off of your hands, as ours was recently stolen. It is a perfect tool for us, not only to carry soil and plants to our garden but it was also used to carry groceries from our cars to our apartments.

Thank you once again for your wonderful kindness.

Coffee Bell
Pemberton Avenue

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