2012-03-22 / News

Deadline Saturday to register for primary

Jamestown residents have until Saturday, March 24, to register to vote in the April 24 presidential primary. Although the deadline falls on the weekend, local officials have made arrangements for people to register at the last minute: Town Hall will be open from 1 to 4 p.m. for residents to register.

In addition to targeting first-time voters, the special Saturday schedule enables voters who have moved or changed their names since the last time they voted to update their information as required by state law.

The April 24 presidential primary will be the first test of the state’s new voter ID law for most voters. For the first time voters will be asked to show ID when they vote at their polling place.

The secretary of state’s office is providing free IDs to registered voters who do not already have an acceptable photo ID such as a state driver’s license, college ID, U.S. passport or RIPTA bus pass.

In order to obtain one of the new state-issued IDs, voters must bring proof of identity such as a social security card, utility bill, credit or debit card. The complete schedule of when and where voters can obtain a free ID is posted at SOS.RI.gov.

Beginning in 2014, photo ID will be required. Eligible voters who do not bring an acceptable ID to the polls this year will not be turned away. They can vote using a standard provisional ballot. If the signature they give at their polling place matches the signature on their voter registration, their ballot will be counted.

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