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The Walrus Says


Let’s see now, where were we? Since our last column, John Doty called to add that it was Frank Pemantell and his wife Isabel who were the keepers of the old dump on North Road in the early 1950s. John said they lived on Frigate Street and had a pet goat.


The question of what the building housing the present Jamestown Fish was originally built for was answered by Anna Templeton Cotill. She said it was for a school. By 1952 it had become a florist shop where, she said, her bridal bouquet was made.


Noriko Ohtake, a Japanese pianist who is in the area for the URI Piano Extravaganza!, will perform on the Jamestown community piano on Monday, April 2, at 3 p.m. at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church.

In addition to several classical preludes, the program features two new pieces by Japanese composers. For one of the Japanese pieces, Ms. Ohtake will play Nambu bells as well as the piano. Nambu bells are from the region of northern Japan devastated by the earthquake and tsunami in May 2011, and the piece speaks to renewed hope for the region and its people. This free after-school concert is sponsored by the Jamestown Education Foundation in coordination with the Jamestown Community Piano Association.

Ann Zartler says she hopes lots of students will be there along with parents, siblings, grandparents and teachers. Any student who brings a friend will receive a coupon for a free ice cream cone from The Island Scoop.


There were three takers for our March 1 poser: Carolyn Armington emailed:

“Inchworm, inchworm,

“Measuring the marigolds,

“Seems to me you’d stop and see,

“How beautiful they are.”

And, from Kathy Mattingly, “The song is ‘Inchworm’ from the movie ‘Hans Christian Anderson’ and sung by Danny Kaye.”

Ann Zartler recalls, “The answer (no Googling) is the movie ‘Hans Christian Anderson.’ I remember so clearly seeing this wonderful movie with Danny Kaye when I was just a child. I also remember that my children weren’t interested in it. I remember Danny, as the famous writer, singing ‘Two and two are four’ to a child, but I don’t know why. I also remember ‘There once was an ugly duckling, feathers all (something) and gray.’ Maybe it’s time to watch the movie again.”


Start the season with a brandnew outboard motor. Kettlebottom Productions and Conanicut Marine Service are raffling off a Honda four-stroke, five-horsepower outboard. Sign up at the Conanicut Marine store. The winner will be announced April 13.

If you are a fan of Kettlebottom Productions on Facebook, follow it on Twitter, or subscribe to the Kettlebottom crew on YouTube, you’ll be automatically entered in the raffle.


In reference to our on-going comments about the Department of Veterans Affairs, Maggie Bulmer writes to alert us to a news item in the ProJo about the sprawling VA dropping the ball on its Wounded Warrior Project. The dispute centers on two mentalhealth measures, one to establish a network of peer counselors and, secondly to give the families of National Guard and reserve members temporary access to mentalhealth services at VA facilities.

Ralph Ibson, national policy director for the Wounded Warrior Project says, “The language in the bill was written with the precision that you like to see, but you can’t read a provision of law and say it has no meaning, which is essentially what the VA is doing. To say we’re already doing this is to say Congress is an ass.”


Island artist Rene Stawicki won first place at the Spring Bull Gallery “Luck of the Draw” exhibition now showing in Newport through March 30. We’re told her drawing was accomplished using a whole lot of patience, pencil and colored pencil. It is titled “Breeding Ground in a Parallel Universe.” Rene will teach again at the Jamestown Arts Center spring session beginning next month.


Spring feels good again.


Was there ever a taxi company on the island and, if so, who owned it?


My favorite comic page character is Eddie in “The Buckets.”



As long as there’s the two of us,

We’ve got the world and all its charms,

And when the world is through with us,

We’ve got each others’ arms.


The Potter League for Animals will hold its annual biscuit hunt for dogs on Sunday, April 1, at 3 p.m. Using their sense of smell, leashed dogs will hunt for eggs filled with biscuits and other surprises. The hunt will be held outside, rain or shine, at the Potter League at 87 Oliphant Lane in Middletown. Cost is $10 per dog. Preregistration is required by calling 846-8270.


Be true!


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