2012-04-05 / Letters to the Editor

Reduced admission would bring people out

I would like to thank the Jamestown Arts Center for the wonderful job they have done by bringing such diverse cultural experiences to the community. The performance by Arif Lohar last week was especially impressive.

I understand that there was a miscommunication about the price of entrance, however. In one email admission it was $5, in another it was $10. Dealt with graciously, the patrons were able to pay what they wished. I know that many younger townspeople attended because of the lower published rate.

I would like to propose to the arts center the idea of having one or two events a month that operate on this sliding scale. It would make the arts more accessible to the entire community and would provide a true service, thereby ensconcing the JAC as a cultural cornerstone of Jamestown. Where farm stands operated by the honor system flourish, I think this could work, too.

Rachael Snow
Windsor Street

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