2012-04-12 / Editorial

A sad goodbye to The Walrus Says

It was September of 1991 when Jim Munro wrote the first Walrus Says column for the Jamestown Press.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Jim, who had a noted career in journalism and public relations, said the Press should have a weekly commentary about Jamestowners and what was happening in this island community. He was the man for the job.

The Walrus Says became a popular part of the newspaper. One might say that Jim was a curmudgeon. His columns at times were controversial but he certainly got people’s attention.

Here are a few select items from that first column:

Congratulations to the Rev. Robert Morton-Ranney. He’ll play the lead role of Tevye in “Fiddler on the Roof,” the Jamestown Community Theater’s mid-November production. Rehearsal is underway.


The rumors of nude swimming at the Conanicut Yacht Club are true! But only during hurricanes. Vice Commodore Huck Wood and his son Chris successfully pulled their 23-foot Wahini II off the beach during the eye of Hurricane Bob. By the time they put the boat on another mooring the wind had picked up and a dinghy rescue from shore proved futile.

The two decided to swim ashore but only Chris had a bathing suit so Huck stripped down to his underwear and they both headed for the beach.

“My adrenalin was so pumped up I swam out of my shorts,” Huck explained. We understand that there are photos of Huck leaving the water.


Mike Plant’s boat is back on her mooring at East Ferry minus the “Duracell” on her topsides.


Four Town Council members celebrate their birthdays in October: Tot Wright on the 6th, Nick Robertson on the 8th, Mark Liberati on the 19th and Sandra Brasil on the 21st.


What’s taking the town so long to straighten up and attempt to save that beautiful tree behind the Veterans’ Memorial at East Ferry?


Providence Mayor Buddy Cianci was at a table for four at the Schoolhouse Cafe Saturday night. We overheard him say they were on their way to Block Island but the seas were too rough. At least one upstate politician knows we exist.

Jim was active in the community and had an opinion on just about everything. Even though his health was failing, Jim remained dedicated to his column. There is no doubt that Jim was an important part of what makes Jamestown a great place to call home.

Jim died on Friday. He will be missed. Rest in peace, my friend.

— Jeff McDonough

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