2012-04-12 / Letters to the Editor

Council should listen to taxpayers’ opinions

So, what’s up with the majority of our Town Council members and Fort Getty? That is the question I keep asking myself since they first addressed the Fort Getty RV problem and what should be done with it.

This area is referred to as a “campground.” In truth, these same 100 families (the majority from out of state) have been renting this $20 million property for years to the exclusion of all others. They surround their trailers with decks that are semipermanent structures. The RV campground looks more like a trailer park in execution.

I have been to most council meetings and workshops on this subject. Most all Jamestown residents at these meetings had the opinion that the trailer park should go, but the majority of the Town Council refuses to hear what the people who elected them are saying. It is my understanding that in a democracy, the elected offi- cials should reflect the will of the people and yet our council continues to contrive vague reasons why we should have a trailer park or even an RV campground that only 100 of the same people enjoy year after year.

I truly don’t get it. We had a Fort Getty committee that suggested at least a substantial reduction of the trailer park. The Town Council conveniently eliminated the committee. We have spent $10,000 on consultants that suggested the possibility of elimination of the trailers. Jamestown residents at these meetings wanted the trailers gone and yet the council still keeps asking how are they going to keep the trailers and how much should be spent on the area to keep them.

One would expect the town of Jamestown could achieve its goal of a $250,000 revenue stream from a 30-acre, $20 million asset without limiting the source of that revenue to 100 out-of-towners with trailers, and at the same time allow all of Jamestown residents the best beach and public recreational area we have.

Hopefully, our elected officials will listen to us at the next Fort Getty workshop and not address the trailers at Fort Getty as a fait accompli. As local taxpayers, we deserve maximum access to our park and we expect our elected council to represent our interests ahead of nonresidents.

Richard Ventrone
Nautilus Street

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