2012-04-19 / Letters to the Editor

Town should allow bed-and-breakfasts

I was born in Newport in 1937 and spent the first 22 years of my life in Jamestown.

I read the article in the March 15 Press titled “Planning board mulls policy for bed-and-breakfasts.” We are having a Smith/Murphy family reunion June 21 thru June 24 in Jamestown. The first was held in Jamestown in June 1996. There will be 150 to 200 family members from all over the country, including Europe.

The biggest problem we have with a reunion in Jamestown is a lack of housing accommodations. Some have rented homes in Jamestown, a number of us are staying at the Lionel Champlin House, the rest are staying in Newport, Middletown, South Kingston and North Kingston. We all would be probably staying in Jamestown if housing were available. It is probably going to be difficult to get over the Jamestown and Newport bridges because of the America’s Cup event that same weekend.

I remember a few years back that there was a discussion of bedand breakfasts in Jamestown. The consensus was that bed-and-breakfasts are too noisy and not wanted. Residents of Jamestown should visit Cape May, N.J., and look at all of the nicely decorated bedand breakfasts, a great addition to Cape May. The renters are spending money in that area, particular in the restaurants and the souvenirs shops.

I would hope that Jamestown would encourage the bed-andbreakfasts and realize the many benefits the town would have, especially the restaurants and the souvenir shops.

Dick Smith

Wayne, N.J.

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