2012-04-26 / Letters to the Editor

Police should patrol coasts, fine litterbugs

“Notice: Littering is awfully fun.”

This is the message on the defaced sign that greets you at Taylor Point. On Sunday a group of us cleaned the shoreline from Potter’s Cove around to the Wyndham Resort. I have cleaned this area for several years now and have come to recognize the pattern of refuse. Just in from the shoreline fishing spots are many piles of beverage and takeout-food containers, along with the odd spent propane tank, diapers, clothing and fishing line.

All summer the rocks are inhabited by fishermen and their families, and clearly many of them see fit to discard their trash in the brush and into the water. All these small piles reoccurring all around the island add up to thousands of pounds of junk. This waste chokes our shoreline and eventually finds its way into the bay where it adds to the growing problem of marine debris polluting our oceans and food chain.

As part of the continued debate around the need for police presence on the harbormaster’s boat, why not do a better job of patrolling the shoreline on foot? Litterers of this magnitude surely deserve to be fined as much as drivers not wearing seatbelts.

I would ask that the local authorities spend a little more time protecting the island itself. My feeling is that stepped-up policing along with consistent multilingual signage at public shoreline access points warning of fines would go a long way towards curbing Jamestown’s litter problem.

Michael Brown

Baldwin Court


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