2012-04-26 / News

Jamestowners favor Romney for GOP candidate

Only 314 of Jamestown’s 4,746 registered voters cast ballots at the recreation center Tuesday, and there were no surprises. Favorite Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, more than doubled the output from the remaining four candidates on the GOP ticket in the U.S. presidential primary.

Romney, with 154 votes, finished ahead of Ron Paul (47), Rick Santorum (14) and Newt Gingrich (10). No islanders casted a vote for Buddy Roemer. Statewide, according to the Associated Press, Romney accounted for 63.2 percent of the votes. Paul (23.9) and Gingrich (6.1) finished second and third in Rhode Island, respectively. Romney won nearly 70 percent of the vote in Newport County.

President Barack Obama, the only Democratic candidate on the ticket, had support of 73 of the 84 voters eligible to vote on the Democratic side. Of the remaining 11, seven were uncommitted and four were cast as undervotes.

Robert J. Gallagher and Amy Lynn Gallagher, who ran as delegates beside Romney, both received strong support, with 130 and 120 votes, respectively. John Robitaille, the 2010 gubernatorial candidate who ran against Gov. Lincoln Chafee, received 120 delegate votes from islanders.

Hugh A. Murphy Jr., the only other Jamestowner running as a delegate, received 42 votes running alongside Santorum. The top delegate for Obama in Jamestown was former state Sen. Myrth York, with 64 votes.

In the last Republican presidential primary in 2008, John Mc- Cain won Rhode Island with 64.8 percent of the vote. Paul finished with 6.6 percent, Romney with 4.4 percent.

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