2012-04-26 / News

Middle school honors students for academics

The Lawn Avenue School recently announced the names of its Excellent in Effort students for the third quarter. In the eighth grade, exemplary students were Jonah Connett, Jamie Gillette, Robert Haberland, Anne Marie Kildron, Christian Kirby, Jay Patel, Leigh Ann Rodgers, Emily Schott, Noah Simmons, Rachel Warner and Gabriel Zelaya-Rincon.

Eighth-graders with high honors were Jessie Primiano, Edward Roberts, Lily Wright and MacKenzie Vance, while notable students included Catherine Caswell, Kelsey Coleman and Kelly Curran.

In the seventh grade, exemplary students were Andrue Cobb, Maya Dasmalchi, Eliza Kallfelz, Emma Lennon, Jacob Maguire, Madison Maguire, Meghann Maguire, Sophie Primiano, Josefina Ruggieri, Erica Smith, Camryn Wallace and Brooke Warner.

Seventh-graders with high honors were Matthew Bonner and Darcy Luebbert, while notable students included Chyna Dougherty, Grace Gaynor and Ethan Holt.

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