2012-05-03 / Letters to the Editor

Reduce RV sites, up the cost of those remaining

The recent Town Council workshop on Fort Getty improvements seemingly left confusing solutions, if any for the RV park. All the council members were universally adamant that some level of revenue from RV campers should be maintained. There was little apathy expressed for the campers themselves.

If so, then why not apply simplistic economic rules such as supply and demand, and raise fees?

RV campsites at Fort Getty are so desirable that the RV site waiting list continues to grow. So, reduce the number of sites by 50 percent – as stated in “scenario B” of the PowerPoint presentation – or some lesser number, thereby satisfying the “open space” desirability, and increase the seasonal RV fee rate by 50 percent. A signifi cant percentage of the revenue stream is retained since the site demand is high. If it doesn’t work, lower the fee and add the spaces back.

Varoujan Karentz

Clarke Village Lane


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