2012-05-10 / News

Bill proposed to give E-ZPass users a tax break

With the recovering economy on the minds of taxpayers across Rhode Island, state Rep. Stephen R. Ucci has a few ideas on how to help taxpayers save money and reroute some business back into the state.

The first bill would provide a tax credit for tolls paid through an E-ZPass account, issued by the Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority.

“It’s an added expense to have to travel across a toll bridge constantly,” Ucci said. “Some of these folks have to use their E-ZPass five days per week just to get to and from work. In this economy, everyone needs a little extra assistance and this specific population of people is getting hammered with fees.”

That bill has been referred to the House Finance Committee and is co-sponsored by Reps. Peter Martin, Deb Ruggiero, Richard P. Morrison and J. Russell Jackson.

Ucci has also introduced legislation that would require any vehicle – whether rented or leased in the state – to be registered, insured and inspected in Rhode Island. Many car rental companies are undoubtedly registering, insuring and inspecting their cars in the state of their headquarters or other states where the fees could be much less, he said.

“The loophole in our law not only takes away business from Rhode Island, but also serves as a nice way for these large rental car companies to skip out on paying all of their dues to the state in which it owns property,” he said. “Our taxpayers are doing their part by paying all of these fees. If the vehicles are being stored within our state borders, then these rental companies should be paying for Rhode Island plates.”

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