2012-05-24 / News

Superintendent of wastewater plant retires

Peter Bell hangs it up, Bill Petrarca promoted to post

Public Works Director Michael Gray announced at Monday’s meeting of the water and sewer commissioners that the Green Lane water main replacement project is on schedule. Gray said that the 12- inch piping between Narragansett Avenue and High Street would be installed by Memorial Day weekend. Work will then be suspended until after Labor Day to complete the project.

Gray also reported that Peter Bell, superintendent of the wastewater treatment plant, has retired from the water department. Bill Petrarca has been promoted to the position of superintendent. The Public Works Department is actively recruiting for an assistant superintendent.

In another matter, Town Administrator Bruce Keiser received a letter on April 11 from Cox TMI Wireless to terminate the agreement the company had with the town for the antenna placed atop the Jamestown water tank. The termination resulted in a $35,000 fee being eliminated from town revenues. A second undisclosed communications company is also considering removing their antenna, Keiser said.

Next month, the water department will collect 20 samples from various residential properties for lead and copper analysis. When the results are received, the corrosion study will be finalized and sent to the state Department of Health for its review and approval. The last round of sampling appears to have revealed that the change in coagulant has made a significant improvement in reducing lead concentrations at the tap.

In the transfer pumping and reservoir report, Gray said that transfer pumping has been suspended due to the levels in the reservoir recovering after the rainfall re- ceived during the past three weeks. He said that he was “happy to announce that all the reservoirs are full.”

At the water treatment plant, the monthly average daily flow for April was 0.21 million gallons per day. The peak daily flow was 0.34 million gallons. The permitted flow for the monthly average is 0.73 million gallons per day.

There were no sanitary sewer overflows for the month of April.

Gray also reported that the cleaning and inspecting of the main interceptor piping is complete within Hamilton Avenue, Walcott Avenue, Conanicus Avenue and Bay View Drive. He said that the water department has received the report of the results and will make a recommendation to the commission for slip-lining piping during budget discussions. He attached photos to the report showing the delamination of the pipe lining and the scouring of the pipe material from a few segments of the pipe.

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