2012-05-31 / Letters to the Editor

Police presence has changed over the years

Mr. Roach has raised a topic in his Viewpoint a lot of us are talking about these days (“We must make peace,” May 17). I don’t know about the folks in the North end, but those of us in the village can’t drive anywhere without seeing flashing lights and somebody pulled over for something, much less the blinking “Welcome to Jamestown” sign in front of the police station. I haven’t lived here as long as Mr. Roach, but I’ve certainly been here long enough to notice a distinct change in the level of police presence.

Many of our off-island friends joke with us about life in our tranquil little town. The Mayberry comparisons are common. My recollections are similar to Mr. Roach’s. The fact that we never really noticed the police that much proves in itself that their job must’ve been getting done. When I occasionally parked incorrectly in town, an officer usually came and found me and civilly told me to move my truck. I guess those days are gone.

To ask that our police live in town is unrealistic given the Jamestown real-estate prices, but our new police force clearly has a different vision of serving and protecting.

Bring back Andy and Barney.

Hugh Maxwell Narragansett Avenue Jamestown

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