2012-05-31 / Letters to the Editor

Police were helpful, but iPad is still missing

I want to commend the efforts of the Jamestown Police Department in trying to locate my iPad that was stolen sometime Saturday morning. As I reported the theft, Officer John Areson demonstrated a lot of patience and tolerance as I alternated between rants of unabridged language and self-righteous indignation. They continue to maintain contact with me and I have every confidence that Det. Derek Carlino will utilize all available technology to locate my gizmo.

What makes this situation especially painful is that I am a 68-year-old full-time student at Smith College doing the “bucket list” thing, hoping to finish my undergrad degree. All of my research and class notes are stored on that sleek powerhouse, and things like iPads are not easily replaced for members of an aging demographic like me.

I am desperate to get it returned, no questions asked. While I am hesitant to pick on the young, I feel the need to ask parents to be vigilant about the sudden appearance of a 4G/64-gigabyte black iPad2 in their child’s possession. If that should be the case, please call me at 855-0096.

Mayli-Anne Waterbury Web Avenue Wickford

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