2012-05-31 / News

Aurora, Luna and Duck Soup win JYC races

The Jamestown Yacht Club held its fourth week of racing for its spring series Tuesday. The results were (boat name, boat type, skipper):

A Class: 1. Aurora, Tartan 41, Andrew and Julie Kallfelz; 2. Epiphany, S2 9.1, Jeff Roy; 3. Rhapsody, J/30, Bill Kneller; 4. Picante, J/109, R. Salk and J. Sahagian; 5. Phantom, J/80, Victor Bell; 6. Hidalgo, Mod Express 37, Rich Moody; 7. Gromit, J/80, Tami and Andy Burton; 8. Lynx, J/29, Dennis Nixon; 9. White Witch, King 40, Terence Glackin; 10. Spirit, J/92S, EC Helme; 11. Floating Point, CTM Frers 40, Pat Clayton; 12. Eagle, J/80, Peter McCarthy; 14. The Cat Came Back, Swan 42 Mod, Linc Mossop.

B Class: 1. Luna, Albin Nova, C. Brown and S. Hakki; 2. Conundrum, J/22, William and Alice Porter; 3. Bearly Muven, J/24, Michael Nahmias; 4. Fast Lane, J/24, Harry and Ann Lane; 5. Five, MX-20, Henrik Dunlaevy; 6. Time Bandit, Metal Mast 30, Robert Fadden; 7. Nighthawk, J/24, R. Barker and M. Ryan; 8. Big, J/24, M Buechner/P O’Connell; 9. Blues eRacer, J/22, Louis Mariorenzi.

C Class: 1. Duck Soup, C&C 37/40 XL, Bill Clavin; 2. Four Suns, Swan 41, Charles Beal; 3. Chairman Arafat, P Electra, Rob Bestoso; 4. Second Wind, Seidelmann 30T, Stephen Parfet; 5. Summer Wind, Scampi 30 II, T. Alyn and KJ Delamer; 6. Sonadora, Najad 390, Baines, Cook and Gooding.

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