2012-06-07 / Letters to the Editor

Recycling just got a little bit easier

Equipment improvements at the Rhode Island Resource and Recovery Corporation in Johnston have made recycling easier. The sorting equipment can now automatically distinguish various grades of plastic, paper, glass and metal. The result is that now it is OK to mix recyclables together in one bin. No new bin is necessary, simply use what you have – blue bin, green bin or box. Mix all your recyclables and place the bin curbside on the day designated for your address.

Also new is that you can recycle a wider range of plastic containers up to 2 gallons. There is no longer a need to be concerned about the numbers or the little triangles on the container. If it is a plastic container less than 2 gallons, is it recyclable.

Some specifics include:

• Plastics: Disregard the numbers and the triangles, empty and rinse, don’t crush, replace plastic caps and lids. New items include jars, tubs, plastic takeout containers, ice coffee cups, yogurt containers, and plastic egg containers. Still no Styrofoam or plastic bags.

• Glass Containers: Empty and rinse jars and bottles, remove metal lids and recycle both. Still no light bulbs, mirrors or broken glass.

• Paper and cardboard: Now includes wrapping paper and tissue material. Still no refrigerated or frozen food boxes, or greasy pizza boxes.

• Metal cans and foil: All aluminum, empty aerosol cans, air freshener and tin cans. Empty and rinse, don’t crush cans. Still no scrap metal or wire hangers.

• Cartons: Milk, soup, juice, broth. Empty and rinse. Still no juice pouches or straws.

Have questions? Visit Recycle TogetherRI.org.

Mike Testa Recycling Committee Jamestown

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