2012-06-07 / Letters to the Editor

Residents should meet to discuss police force

I feel that the residents and taxpayers of Jamestown should have a townwide meeting regarding the Police Department. This would be to discuss the pros and cons of the current department, and to discuss what kind of Police Department we would like to have, and pay for, in the future.

This would be similar to the Fort Getty public meeting, but run for free, Quaker-style, with no leader. Just everyone giving their opinion. I, for one, feel that as I am paying over $9,000 a year in taxes to the town, I should have some say in our town government, and in our Police Department policies and spending levels.

May I ask who is setting the policies for the Police Department to follow? It seems the police are setting their own policies and spending levels, the residents and taxpayers be damned. Shouldn’t we, the people, be setting the policies and spending levels? After all, we are their employers, literally paying for everything they do. Are we passive subjects, just accepting everything the department does and spends? Or, as the people who foot the bills, shouldn’t we be directing the department in terms of what policies and spending levels we want our police department to follow?

I feel a groundswell of opinion building in the town that the people want changes to be made. Now is the time to act. If you are happy with the status quo with the police, then do nothing. However, if you would like to see some changes made, let’s have a town-wide meeting, not run by town officials, to discuss our Police Department.

James A. Thompson North Main Road Jamestown

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