2012-06-07 / News

Six films scheduled to show at arts center

The Jamestown Arts Center will show six shorts from the Rhode Island International Film Festival beginning at 7 p.m. on Thursday, June 21.

The night will begin with a showing of “3 Hours,” a 14-minute British film directed by Regan Hall. When militants indiscriminately murder his young brother, Akram is out for revenge in this short film based on a true story of one day in Baghdad. “Chalk,” an 18-minute picture, is another British film. It’s about two young gymnasts who are selected for the National training camp. While there, they learn something new about bodies, boys, friendship and themselves.

“Fatakra,” a 19-minute American film directed by Soham Mehta, will be the third picture shown. The movie tells about a husband and wife, who after years of separation, are reunited and attempt to restart their lives together in a new country. “Karl Mulberry” is a 16-minute flick by Lorne Hiltser. Set against a world of roller blades, water balloons and accordions, a conflicted 16-year-old boy needs a father but doesn’t want to lose his mother in the process.

The final two films – James Blick’s “Roof Rattling” and Ambarish Manepalli’s “A Wink of the Eye” – both run 15 minutes. “Roof Rattling” is about a young boy searching for fabled dirty magazines who becomes trapped inside the house of an eccentric old man and forms an unexpected connection. “A Wink of the Eye” is about a man named Michael could stick to his plans in Paris, or he could follow the girl in the blue hat. It stars Michael Gladis from the popular TV show “Mad Men.”

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