2012-06-07 / News

Voters have until Wednesday to change affiliation

Rhode Islanders won’t cast ballots for about three months, but a crucial deadline looms for voters this month, according to Secretary of State Ralph Mollis.

State law requires voters who are registered as Americans Elect, Democrats, Moderates or Republicans to disaffiliate by Wednesday, June, 13 if they plan on voting in a different party’s primary on Sept. 11. Voters can change their party affiliation by contacting the board of canvassers in the city or town where they are registered to vote.

Some of the key races where primaries appear to be likely include both of Rhode Island’s seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. More than 700,000 Rhode Islanders are registered to vote.

“About half of the state’s voters are affiliated with one of the state’s recognized political parties,” said Mollis. “This is their last chance to make a change. Independent voters do not have to worry about the deadline. They can cast a ballot in any party’s primary.”

Mollis urges voters who are unsure of their political affiliation to check on SOS.ri.gov. Also on the website is the 2012 Election Calendar that outlines crucial steps from registering, to voting, to filing campaign finance reports.

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