2012-06-14 / News

White Witch wins A Class race at JYC

The Jamestown Yacht Club held its fifth week of racing for its spring series Tuesday. The results were (boat name, boat type, skipper):

A Class: 1. White Witch, King 40, Terence Glackin; 2. Macx, C28, Bill MacGowan; 3. Epiphany, S2 9.1, Jeff Roy; 4. Aurora, Tartan 41, Andrew and Julie Kallfelz; 5. Picante, J/109, R. Salk and J. Sahagian; 6. Spirit, J/92S, EC Helme; 7. Lynx, J/29, Dennis Nixon; 8. Phantom, J/80, Victor Bell; 9. Hidalgo, Mod Express 37, Rich Moody; 10. The Cat Came Back, Swan 42 Mod, Linc Mossop; 11. Eagle, J/80, Peter McCarthy; 14. Floating Point, CTM Frers 40, Pat Clayton; 14. Gromit, J/80, Tami and Andy Burton.

B Class: 1. Fast Lane, J/24, Harry & Ann Lane; 2. Conundrum, J/22, William & Alice Porter; 3. Luna, Albin Nova, C. Brown and S. Hakki; 4. Bearly Muven, J/24, Michael Nahmias; 5. Blues eRacer, J/22, Louis Mariorenzi; 6. Big, J/24, M Buechner/P O’Connell; 7. Nighthawk, J/24, R Barker & M Ryan; 8. Time Bandit, Metal Mast 30, Robert Fadden; 9. Five, MX- 20, Henrik Dunlaevy.

C Class: 1. Chairman Arafat, P Electra, Rob Bestoso; 2. Four Suns, Swan 41, Charles Beal; 3. Duck Soup, C&C 37/40 XL, Bill Clavin; 4. Sonadora, Najad 390, Baines, Cook and Gooding; 5. Summer Wind, Scampi 30 II, T. Alyn and KJ Delamer.

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