2012-06-28 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks to volunteers at EMS for helping mom

Recently my mother, who has many health problems, used the 911 emergency services. Luckily for us, the Jamestown Fire/EMS Department was at her side in minutes after the call was placed. In the first instance, she was transported to Newport Hospital. Within a few weeks, she needed them again and was transported to South County Hospital.

In both cases, she was in distress and scared with a dislocated artifi- cial hip. I was not in Rhode Island for the first trip but all I heard was how nice the EMS people were to her and how caring they were with her. A policeman was there, my mother cannot recall his name, but he was also very caring and a great comfort to her and her dog.

For the second trip, I followed the ambulance to South County Hospital. I know that Ken Gladding and Andrea von Hohenleiten were caring for her on that day and my mother had nothing but the best respect for the job they performed. They were very attentive, caring and professional. I want to thank them and all the EMS personnel for the great job they do for our community. We are very lucky to have these people who are willing to volunteer their time and efforts in this town. This is one of the things that makes Jamestown the special town that it is.

Barbara Lundy Southwest Avenue Jamestown

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