2012-06-28 / News

Governor signs bill to increase minimum wage

Gov. Lincoln Chafee signed into law recently a bill that raises the state’s minimum wage to $7.75 beginning next year. It is the first increase since the minimum wage was set at $7.40 in 2007.

“Individuals who are working minimum wage jobs in the state, jobs that absolutely need to be done to keep many businesses open, need to earn a fair wage,” said Sen. Erin Lynch, who sponsored the bill. “I don’t think the intent is to have somebody supporting a family on $7.75. We’re just looking to allow them to make just a little bit more money so they can make ends meet.”

The legislation was supported during committee testimony by a number of organizations including the Economic Progress Institute, the Rhode Island chapter of the National Organization for Women, Ocean State Action and the Rhode Island chapter of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations.

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