2012-06-28 / News of Record


Lawn Avenue announces award winners

Lawn Avenue School recently announced the winners of the 2012 honors awards. Winners of the Founder’s Award were Emily Schott and Jonah Connett; the Overall Excellence in English Award went to Jamie Gillette and Noah Simmons; the Excellence in Science Award went to Teddy Roberts and Noah Simmons; the Excellence in Mathematics Award went to Rachel Warner and Robert Haberland; the Excellence in Foreign Languages Award went to Lily Wright and Noah Simmons; and the Excellence in Social Studies Award went to Caellum Kerr and Noah Simmons.

Also, the Junior American Citizenship Award went to Kelsey Coleman and Christian Kirby; the Ida Richard’s Warrior Heart went to Jessy Primiano and Jack Gamble; the Principal’s Award went to Anne-Marie Kildron and Jay Patel; and the Mary Stearns McGaughan Compassion Towards Animals Award went to Christian Kirby (first place), Jamie Gillette (second), Stephen Cirella (third) and honorable mentions Lily Wright and Jessy Primiano.

Also, the Technology Education Award went to Alexander Hubbard; the Excellence in Fine Arts/Marc Frade Award went to Lily Wright and Noah Simmons; The Rhode Island Art Educators Association Award went to Mary Baertlein, Gordon Gray, Josefina Ruggieri and Anne-Marie Kildron; the Conanicut Island Art Association went to Fiona Eves, Gavin Wagner, Brooke Warner and Emily Schott; and the International Peace Poster Award went to Madison Hodrick (first place), Erica Smith (second), Jacqueline Matthews (third) and honorable mentions Maya Dasmalchi, Allison Hartley, Madison Maguire, Hope Mitchell, Bailey Thran and Jack Winkler.

Also, the Matt Allen Memorial Visual Art Award went to Amanda Nolan; the Velma Moore Memorial Award went to Emma Lennon; the Shining Star Award went to Mackenzie Vance and Marcel Desvaux; the School Store Manager Award went to Johnny Perrotti; the Perfect Attendance for the Year Award went to Max Ward, Gabriela Gamble, Nathan Pickett, Gavin Wagner, Emma Lennon, Darcy Leubbert, Jacob Maguire, Meghann Maguire, Kieran McCarthy, Erica Smith, Brooke Warner, Amanda Nolan and Jay Patel; and the Friends of the Philomenian Library Award went to Joshua Masterson and Joshua Robinson.

Also, the Jamestown Educational Support Personnel Award went to Francesca Guerra Muro; the Band Director’s Award went to Noah Simmons and Jay Patel; the Excellence in Solo Vocalist Award went to Catherine Caswell; The Louis Armstrong Jazz Band Award went to Kelly Curran; the Best All Around Musician Award went to Caellum Kerr; the Music Department Spirit Award, went to Emily Schott and Leigh Ann Rodgers; the Music Achievement Award went to Rachel Warner, Alexis Brayman and Anne-Marie Kildron; the Quincy Jones Musicianship Award went to Marcel Desvaux; the Physical Education/Good Sportsmanship Award went to Jonah Connett and MacKenzie Vance; and the Ali Dunn-Packer Memorial Scholarship Award went to Rachel Warner and Stephen Cirella.

Also, the Renaissance Man Award went to Caellum Kerr and Kelly Curran; the Matthew Barber Engineering Award went to Jay Patel and Gabriel Zelaya Rincon; the Highest Academic Achievement Award went to Noah Simmons; and the top scorer for the American Mathematics Competition went to Noah Simmons.

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